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Ville Manninen

p. 040 7037 608

If you have any questions, we can be found in Pelifarmi Discord-server




In our open, free of charge, activities young people can come spend time in our youth center. Our open activities work just like in other youth centers, except we have way more gaming-equipment (don't tell the other centers)

You can hang out on the couches, play with PC:s and consoles, we have a large variety of boardgames, cardgames and stuff, you can cook your own meals in the kitchen, and you can talk about pretty much anything with the instructors.

Open activities have two turns:

YOUNGLINGS - Meant for youths from 9-12 yo. <PEGI 12

ADOLESCENT - Meant for youths from 13-28 yo. We follow age restrictions, except no one gets to play PEGI 18-games, sorry :<


Via the e-sports teams of the city of Tampere, you can try out comptetitive gaming as a hobby, make yourself a training schedule with help of an instructor, get help learning gaming skills and find likeminded friends to play with!

In the training we mostly focus on communication skills, understanding the roles in games, and developing skills and strategies as a team. We also strenghten lifeskills and physical education, for a skilled gamer should also be physically fit.

Tampere Youth Services-teams mainly compete in Pirkanmaa-area, but if you possess the motivation and skills needed, we have connections to get you into bigger teams!


The e-sports teams are meant for 13-20 year olds. We warmly welcome anyone regardless of their age, gender or gaming skills.

The e-sports groups are free to join! The only requirement is that the players have their own game accounts!



We can legally bend the age restrictions by 3 years in e-sports groups in PEGI16-games. For example if a 13 year old has permission from their parents, they can join a CS:GO-group. We are not flexible about PEGI12-games, for the activities are planned for older youth.


Our headquarters lay at the digital youthcenter of Rantaperkiö, in Tuomikuja 1 B, Tampere. More info can be found from our Pelitilat-page.

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