Kevään 2018 Pelifarmien aikana toteutettuja peliprojekteja



Harri Jokinen, Jaakko Huovinen, Virve Kosela, Emil Lehmusterä

Milky Way Getaway


Fearless adventurer is pursued by the most notorious gang in the known galaxy, due to a “misunderstanding” with the gang leaders spaceship. How long will he survive? Will the gangsters get their revenge?

Team members:
Miro Koistinen, Mira Varila, Jonne Heinonen, Niko Leppänoro, Topi Halmetoja, Joona Mella

Night of the Bugs


Graphics: Antti Hietikko & Aino Kauranen

Code: Henrik Klemettilä & Kristen Parve

Herd The Horde

You are an exiled shepherd from The Sheep Kingdom trying to prove your worth and regain your former status by saving the sheep from The Big Bad Wolf.
Herd The Horde is a 2D top down view, colour based arcade sorting game. Herd sheep into their correct pens to save them from The Big Bad Wolf. Unfortunate the sheep have different abilities that make your job difficult!


Team: Liam Colebourn, Niko Kotavuopio, Hilla Merenlahti, Pekka Honkanen, Sami Koskinen, Tiina Pyörälä, Otto Palukka

Adventures of the Blobs


Eetu Hipponen, Janita Saikkonen, Katri Kaul, Milica Krivokapic

Strange Spaces

Strange Spaces is a grid-based real-time 2D action game

for PC. The game takes place in a run-down sci-fi world where an unknown presence has appeared, which the main character is sent to investigate.

Team Strange Spaces

Druidic Clash


Kalle Puutio, Aatu Hautala, Tanja Varvio, Sofia Öhman


TTLY Demonic

TTLY Demonic is a story-driven 2D puzzle game. You play as Max, a lazy teenager who summons demons to do his household chores for him.


If the task list hasn’t been completed by the end of the weekend, something awful will happen: Max will lose his precious Wi-Fi. Collect the right items and summon demons to save a poor soul from the wrath of unnecessarily cruel parents.

Rattenfänger - The Rats of Hamelin


Graphics: Tuukka Arpolahti, Veronica "Roni" Kähäri,

Code: Rene Schwartz, Julius Sormunen


Eggplant Task Force


Mika Astikainen, Rangi Csiszár, Markus "Mara" Komulainen, Paavo Lyytinen, Erik Pihlanen